Pardon my absence . . .


I took a little break from posting here and in many other online activities.
It all felt a little too self involved for the times.

A week ago today I learned my “baby” cousin, Austin, a 17 year old Senior in High School, died.

More specifically, he hanged himself two days after suffering a concussion during a football game.
If I had any belief that it was true, I would tell you that Austin was depressed or suffering from mental illness.
Because I believe wholly that there is no shame in that.
And that suicides due to mental illness are every bit as tragic, and need just as much exposure to encourage their prevention.
But more than that we need to recognize all the other ways that our country’s children may be at risk.
In the past few weeks there have been a rash of very young deaths due to bullying.
It has to stop.
In Austin’s case, we may learn how to better protect young people who may be at risk due to injuries sustained in sports or other activities.
If there is a connection, as evidence is now leading us to believe,
that too must stop.
For this reason, I am tremendously proud of my family for donating Austin’s brain to trauma research.


One thought on “Pardon my absence . . .

  1. Oh Heidi! I am so sorry to hear this. What a tragedy. My thoughts are with you and with Austin’s immediate family as well. I too am proud of them for donating his brain to research. To be so clear-headed at a time like this is truly admirable.

    Much Warmth,


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