Power Post #8


I am sorting through what messages to toss out and making room for new, more powerful ones, to pour in!

Someday I will talk about how the messages I received were often so contradictory, that I just gave up (or lashed out. Contradiction begets contradiction.) But for now, here’s the quick list.

Don’t be selfish. Make me happy.  Make others happy. Entertain me. Don’t talk so loud. so fast. so much. Do you care? Don’t embarrass us. Be more social. Don’t be satisfied. Don’t be sick. You are sick. Stay in control. Worry. Protect yourself from Danger. Don’t have needs.


BE selfish and DO the things you want to do.

ALLOW someone else to care for you. Without guilt.

INTERACT with people only when you WANT.

NOT PLAN or overthink everything.

RISK trusting.

MAKE mistakes.


One thought on “Power Post #8

  1. “ALLOW someone else to care for you. Without guilt.”

    With this recent move, I am working so SO hard just to allow people to take care of me. People offer, and I decline. It’s such a silly pattern, and one I would (of course) encourage all my coaching clients to ignore. And yet, I am SO suceptible. Let’s stand together on this on and accept help with grace!

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