Power Post #7


We had a lesson brought to us by Ronna Detrick of RENEGADEconversations.  I am still blissfully working through the content of the lesson but wanted to share now anyway.  Her story was tied to a couple of metaphors/stories very dear to my heart.

First– The tales from the Land of Oz have always held great power for me. When Gregory Maguire’s “behind the scenes” novels started visiting OZ, I was beyond thrilled. When Winnie Holzman turned that story into a different, but equally brilliant book for Stephen Schwartz’s musical (which opened on my birthday, now officially celebrated as “Wicked Day” each year!), I squealed. I have been belting in my car ever since. I won’t bore you with the details of my many trips to see this show, but I must say, I never grow tired of its lessons. Sure, they practically knock you over the head with them, but sometimes the obvious is called for. So, taking on Defying Gravity (which was already on my playlist) as this week’s theme song– no problem.

The green girl is my muse. Misunderstood. Despised. Demonized. But she knows who she is. And she risks everything to do what she believes is good and right.

Second– Leap. I love that word. My freshman year of college I found a postcard with a Lincoln Clarkes photo on it. This image woman leaping in a London street in the late 80s has always inspired me. To leap.


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