A Midsummer Day’s Nightmare (or Three Lessons from this Moon)


I want to talk about
— how HOT it’s been. Oppressively so.
— how I’ve gone swimming– something I have never done with regularity outside of vacations until now
— but now that nature has changed her mind and it is unseasonably cool, complaining about the heat seems silly

Lesson 1: Take Advantage of Reprieve

I want to tell stories
— about how CRAZY the June full moon turned out to be
— about how dramatic and scary and surreal the experience is of avoiding the nearby gunshots of an active shooter.
— about how hiding out in a room with a dozen people and no windows is traumatic in and of itself, especially when two of those people are your parents
— but it is over and everyone departed the ordeal unharmed, so that seems like enough

Lesson 2: Give Thanks Everyday for Health and Safety

I want to post pictures
— after all that’s how I usually convince myself to post
— after all properly processing and uploading one adventure before heading into the next seems sensible enough
— alas, sensible does not win out over furious summer livin’!

Lesson 3: Accept What Is


One thought on “A Midsummer Day’s Nightmare (or Three Lessons from this Moon)

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