Best Change You Have Made to the Place You Live — Best of 09


I am jumping in mid-way through Gwen Bell’s Best of 09 Blog Challenge.
But I will go back and catch up!

December 13:
Best Change You Have Made to the Place You Live

It’s revealing a secret (sort of).
But I think I will be moving out of my house this year.
So changing the place I am living means mentally thinking of where I am as less than permanent. That is the change. (And it is for the BEST.)
This wasn’t the case months ago.
I had dreams of doing big things with this big space.
The reality of doing so, coupled with lots of other things in my life– including my love of traveling– is calling me to downsize.
There is a lot of work involved in getting rid of generations worth of stuff, but I will feel so much lighter in the end.

See how big? How could I ever maintain that much house? Or justify it for two people?
The task looms.
So there it is.
Dreams Change!

I might miss my view though . . .

dec509 snowfall

In the meantime, the best change I made was deciding to LIVE here while I live here. Does that make sense? Part of the decision to leave has been realizing I never quite moved in. There are so many boxes from so many previous living spaces. Feeling guilt for that, I have delayed simple joys like cooking and decorating for the holidays. So, knowing I am moving has in some ways made me more settled than I have been in the fours years we have lived here!

See? I decorated! The best change in how I live where I live!

No matter how messy, how impermanent, how imperfect . . .
bloom where you’re planted, baby!

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