Jewel and Meiko at the Lyric


jewel 20
Wow. I am really sorry I just busted out in that earlier post about the concert without any regard for the business of actually being there and enjoying it. I was just *so* tragically annoyed by the press and happy with Jewel’s response, but then disappointed again with others just accepting the reviewer’s very back-handed un-apology. For all that, you can read my previous post.

But now, let me say I was surprised I was able to take any photos at all. Take my meager point and shoot and add blindingly the bright spotlight being viewed from the 5th row and what you get is “angel” Jewel. The performance was very white and glow-y– which was fine for attendance but not fine for amateur photography.

Meiko opened for Jewel– and let me remind you why I am still primarily a theatregoer at heart and not a groupie. This business of skipping the opening to arrive in time for the headliner is just obnoxious. Perhaps not so in an arena– but when the show in a theatre, just come on time people. Many members of the crowd are season ticket holders which only adds to the hubbub and grumbling as people enter. Oh the confusion. And then there’s the fact that the Lyric Opera House has some of the narrowest rows and seats of any theatre I have ever been in. It did make things interesting. Thank god, dear Meiko confessed to not being able to see the house; because it was chaos. What is that much more irritating is that the ushers continued seating people through the headliner’s opening number. WHAT WHAT?! Now this I blame the theatre and ushers for because they should know better. Wait until the end of the number, at least.

Then, and I understand the performers’ desire to have ZERO flash photography, the camera nazis proceeded to FLASH FLASHLIGHTS in the direction of the perpetrators. Purpose defeating much?
I think so.

Despite how all this sounds, I was less annoyed by it at the time. More confused.

The music though, was impeccable. Meiko was a fun warm-up. She is quirky and self-effacing and sings out of the side of her mouth in a way that would be hideous for anyone else. But she is totally cute.
meiko 4
Her music is perky and catchy and I think a pretty good match for Jewel. Though I mostly get the idea that, from both sides, she’s there to kind of gain experience under an impressive and more experienced artist.

Jewel herself is pretty powerful.  It is difficult to not be impressed. It is not simply her natural talent, but her obvious dedication to the craft.  This is a voice that is controlled.  She has spent her entire life cultivating the ability to be able to do absolute gymnastics with her instrument.  I am sure the yodeling has helped.  But that’s not what you hear.  You hear strength and power.  I mean, HOLY BREATH SUPPORT BATMAN!  Until I heard her live I had no idea how sustained and clear and, well, supported her sound is.
jewel 6
And on top of all that I happen to like her music.  Nuff said.


2 thoughts on “Jewel and Meiko at the Lyric

  1. Andy

    Loved reading about this. Wish I could have seen it live 😦 I love her music, too, and I think it’s so incredible how good she sounds live. Sometimes better than the actual recording. Thanks for posting!

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