Over a month of birthdays!!


It is so difficult to believe I have had 34 birthdays. That is over a month.
I had never thought about having had accumulated a month’s worth!

It’s funny, too, because in my house we celebrated “30 days of birthday”.
For a month of time before and/or after we call “30 days of birthday” when we want to get out of dishes or choose the restaurant! hahaha. It all started when my mom sent a care package to college with a month’s worth of little gifts to open one a day for the 30 days prior to my 21st birthday. I discovered that I liked an extended birthday! 🙂

I had quite a treat earlier this week when I went to see Jewel in concert at the Lyric Opera House in Baltimore. She has a truly special voice and is so impressive live. The week before the concert she posted an interview that she did with a reporter for the Baltimore Sun. Isn’t it bad enough that they leaked the deaths in the Harry Potter books? Anway after posting this interview on her Twitter account, she followed up with “so Chris Kaltenbach isnt a fan? haha-luv when they r nice on phone, then dont fact check & offer dime store psycho analysis of career -douche”. In his interview he chided her for not sticking with a genre (honestly, in this music industry, what singer with a folk voice would find a secure home in either the pop or country world?) and he said she was dropped from her label (which was either a lie or terrible journalism. she wasn’t).

(Baltimore Sun photo by Chris Kaltenbach / October 28, 2009)

Little did I expect that after a stunning concert opening– her a capella “Over the Rainbow” is magnificent– and a quick joke about trying to be pretty when she sings if she knows there are photographers, she says out of the blue “Is Chris Kaltenbach here?” And then to a photographer house right of the stage “Are you Chris Kaltenbach?” She proceeds to correct him on the matters. It was pretty genius. As a reviewer his opinions are encouraged, but as a journalist he really needed to have checked his facts. I was proud of her for standing up for herself.


After the concert he posted his follow up review. In it he did not apologize. While his review was favorable, his statement regarding his previous error made his sound arrogant and unwilling to own up to his mistake.
“One note: From the stage, Jewel took exception to the introduction to my interview with her that ran Sunday. She was not, she said, dropped by her record label. Rather, she said, she had an album of country music to put out (2007’s “Perfectly Clear”), and Atlantic doesn’t do country albums.”

Perhaps he is just unwilling to state that matter of factly without confirming it with the label.
Another fan called him “classy” for “retracting” the earlier statement. But he didn’t actually retract it and an apology is what would have been appropriate.
I still think he should have apologized. My response is in the comment section there as well.

Her concert was a true mix of hits, new music and rarely heard material . . .

Over the Rainbow
Last Dance Rodeo
Down So Long
You Lied
Morning Song
Rosey & Mick
Stronger Woman
Stay Here Forever
Life Uncommon
Angel Needs a Ride
My Father’s Daughter
The Shape of You
Standing Still
Memoirs of a Housewife
Foolish Games
You Were Meant for Me
Who Will Save Your Soul

Angel Standing By


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