No pressure.


That was the title for the “So You Think You Can Dance” Top 20 introductory special.

There is no silly quiz for “What famous SYTYCD routine are you?” But if there were. I would be this one.

On the Top 20 special tonight, Mandy Moore (picking up Mia’s choreo spot) set a contemporary dance to Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida”. Loved it right down to the costumes.
I am super bummed that Billy had to leave.

At the end of it– despite all the talent and promise of goodness to come– I am sad at the loss of Mia Michaels.  She isn’t planning on working on the American show anymore and had to be absent from the Canadian finale due to a back injury.

And I am even more sad that we won’t get to see Billy Bell dance through the season.  He has had to withdraw on doctor’s orders.  Apparently he is quite sick and continuing would be potentially fatal.  ew!

See what happens when there Glee is in reruns for two weeks? lol.

I fixate on SYTYCD.

Here’s Mia’s final routine for the Canadian show. *sniff* It is highly cathartic. 


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