“Why Do Birds Sing So Gay?” *


Today the president of my board of directors popped into my office and was nearly jumping out of her socks with joy.
“Heidi, there is this little bird perched on top of this giant tree just singin’ its little heart out!”
and on and on and on. I mean she was excited. lol.

I thought about that little bird perched atop this evergreen how-every-many hundreds of times larger than itself
just siiiiiiiinging. And I was happy.
Absolutely thrilled. For no reason.

When she was shaking out the rug she came back in and said, “That birdie is still there and still just-a-siiiingin’!”
So I crawled out from behind my desk and it was,
like a weathervane, first one direction and then the other, just SINGING.
And I mean, loud. Not a chirp or a tweet, but a SONG.

It’s like an ode to Fall, with the beautiful colorful mountain behind him,
like an angel on top of the Autumn tree proclaiming all the goodness of the season.

In reality, I know it’s more like a personal ad. (Though it isn’t Spring, so I wonder . . .)
It’s most likely a male bird declaring that this is his territory and he would very much like a mate to share it with.
“And hear how beautiful and clear and long my song is? Well, that is because I am healthy and strong.
There is plenty of food hear in my territory; won’t you join me?”

birdie crop

Oh that we could all know, not just in love, but in all of life that we are as strong as our song.
And our song should reflect our well-being.

So sing the song of yourself loud and proud.
That little birdie had no shame. Neither should you!

* “Why Do Birds Sing So Gay?” is a lyric in the song “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?” and was the originally the title!


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