Summer is Over


It’s clear.  I am making hot tea and watching television in my fleece polka dot pajamas.   But looking back, I had a terrific summer and I wanted to honor some of the highlights.

It began with rain.  Lots of rain.  A week of Florida downpours.
vac 102
But Disney was *still* total magic.  It was our first real vacation as a couple.  After 9 years of marriage, I realize how odd that seems. 
vac 22
We tend to vacation with family, but it was nice to have a solo getaway.  Because we had a longer stay and less people to keep track of, we did more restaurant visiting.  My favorites of the week were “Ohana” at the Polynesian Resort and “Sanaa” in Kidani Village at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. 
vac 90
The restaurants are one way to enjoy an evening at a more expensive resort before retiring to your more modest digs!

I went to up to the city four times.  Food-wise I relied on the old standbys:  Tout va Bien, Shake Shack, Blockheads . . .  However, as shows go, I mostly stayed out of my box.  I typically repeatedly see shows I already love or know I will.  Haahaha.  I did see Next to Normal twice– but only twice.
june nyc 09 4a
And I saw HAIR, but just one time. But I also went to  see Billy Elliott, Bye Bye Birdie and Mary Poppins.  And genuinely enjoyed them all! 9 to 5 was a bit of a mess, but I went to see a friend.

Many of my weekends over the summer were spent visiting my friend Andy while he was doing summer stock.  They were great summer days and 4th of July was an especially good time.
4th 17

Kevin and I saw Spring Awakening at the Kennedy Center.  I got to sit in my favorite onstage seats and just soak it all in.  I went back a few weeks later with a friend to meet up with his friends on the tour. 
Jim and I had a number of random nights this summer actually.  Most of them defy description, but are immortalized on Facebook an in my Flickr account.

The season was punctuated by my participation in the Mondo Beyondo ecourse and community.  Most importantly (not that dreaming big *isn’t* important) I traveled and met some really wonderful people as a result!
potluck 19

My television watching:

the Glee pilot. over. and over.  And then the season started and my DVR has been smiling ever since.

FAME– the 80’s TV series

lots of Law and Order: SVU

Indian School on LINK

the National Parks doc on PBS

I am most proud of getting my husband addicted to So You Think You Can Dance

and most enjoyed the premiere of House (with Lin Manuel Miranda guesting.  It was genius.)

I only went to the movies a few times.  I only remember Bruno (I am still scarred), UP (because I loved loved loved it) and Julia & Julia (which actually lived up to the hype for me).

There was sooooo much music.  Maybe it deserves its own post?

Oh! and books.  SO many books. Definitely a books and music post soon!


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