settling into a new season


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My foot is firmly planted in Autumn.
It doesn’t take much since I am always so eager to enter my favorite season.
It holds so much.

This year it holds more.
I have reached that place where you realize suddenly,
“Oh look, I have grown.”
Much like being so intimately acquainted with the daily life of a small child
and then one day you notice the child is, well, much less small.

I am sad that I haven’t taken much time to account for all this change,
but I suppose that is the price for being busy making it!

During the last month I was supported in the equally frivolous and vital act of dreaming in the first of Jen Lemen and Andrea Scher’s beautiful Mondo Beyondo classes– where I might add I was a much more regular blogger.  If you are in the community (and you probably are if you are reading this because I believe it is the only place I have actually shared the link to this blog) you can read those 15 posts HERE.

But allow me to admit how much I learned about myself during that time– mostly about just how resistant I was to dreaming.  How sad, but how true it was!  Well, I am on my way now and wishing more and more and bigger and bigger every day.

Allowing myself to Fall into Fall has happened only as I have thoughtfully and somewhat reverently honored a very full Summer.

Retrospective coming next . . .


One thought on “settling into a new season

  1. samhain — your post reminds me to get out my book a druid’s herbal — it’s such a magical time of year — and mandy — i love a good children’s book…it’s the magic we miss when we grow up…;)

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