Photo Post: Vacation 2009 has come to an end.


Here are a few fine photos of the vacation event, until I can get more online!


It’s true– Disney is still beautiful and magical, even in the rain!


This was our first time at Epoct during the flower and garden festival.
It is stunning– again, even in the rain! 🙂
This was taken in the butterfly garden that is set up there. Amazing.


I FINALLY saw Finding Nemo, The Musical at Animal Kingdom.
I was too lazy to wait in line last time we were there.
But it was sooo worth the wait.
Michael Curry, who designed The Lion King puppets, designed this show as well.
And the show was scored by Robert Lopez, one of the creator/composers of Avenue Q and his wife, Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Peter Brosius, the Artistic Director of The Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis (winner of the Tony for Outstanding Regional Theatre Tony during his tenure), directed the show.
All this talent that went into the production was definitely matched by the Disney cast talent.
I was actually quite impressed!


BATS! One was fighting to pass the other on its way to a piece of juicy lettuce.
Somehow we ALWAYS miss the Maharaja Trail in Animal Kingdom.
Don’t make that mistake! The setting is one of Indian ruins and it is lush and gorgeous.
And there are tigers! ROAR. And a peaceful bird garden.


I just love the Star Tours/ Tatooine Traders building at Hollywood Studios.
And I needed to celebrate here that we were there the FIRST day of the FIRST Star Wars Weekend.
It was madness!


This is the statue of Mary feeding the baby Jesus.

Breastfeeding. If it’s good enough for the Blessed Mother and Jesus, then it’s good enough for the rest of us!

It is the Our Lady of La Leche Shrine on the grounds of the Mission of Nombre de Dios.
This is my favorite place on Earth.
Really. And it has been my entire life.


If I ever disappear suddenly and of my own will,
you will most certainly find me living the life of an artist, historian,
and beach bum in St. Augustine, Florida.


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