The J. Peterman Company


Owner’s Manual No. 67
Early Spring 2009

The J. Peterman catalog has always been, quite literally,
a work of art.
First, it is one of the last of it’s kind.
A hand illustrated beauty.
I have been pouring over its pages, cutting it up
as collage inspiration and dreaming to be an illustrator
for its pages since I was in middle school.
And second, they really are “traveling the world to find uncommonly good stuff.”
My favorites are old finds that they intentionally reproduce to
distribute what might be otherwise lost or hidden designs around the world.
And I especially dig the little bits of history sprinkled through each description.

One prime example is The Great American Shirt (No.2345)

Sure it’s “pretty”–
and every man should be secure enough to own and wear one.

But I guess if you are more of the traditional adventurer where
top garments are concerned, boys, stick to the Out of Africa (No. 2368).

But if I need outerwear this Spring– I would personally wish for the Floral Spring Coat (No. 2372)

It’s silk, so practicality may not be its strong suit,
but that silhouette is dramatic!

There are two items I have coveted since I first laid my eyes on them in this catalog 20 years ago. (God, I got old.)

The first is the 1947 Dress (No. 1732).
There isn’t anything more classic than the shape and history of a dress like this one. (And if you rush over to the website now, the short one is on clearance for $48!!!)

The other is an item I will likely never own,
but will always want . . .

The Counterfeit Mailbag (No. 1005)
It speaks for itself.
Get your own little gem of a catalog HERE.


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