Shopping Northstyle


Here are the items I found in the Spring 2009 catalog that grabbed my attention!
Like that structure coat above. Stunning.

While I am not entirely convinced I love all these patterns equally,

I believe that the shapes and silhouettes of these dresses are perfect

and would be flattering on many different body types.

Northstyle pairs the madras patchwork dress with this ring in their catalog layout.

There are also basic and flowing bohemian blouses
that look comfortable and

for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

I am finding these silk mary jane style tennis shoes difficult to resist, too . . .

As print catalogs start to go by the wayside, I hope to remind people how fun mail order can be–

at least for the "window shopping".
We can always still head to the website to make the speedy order.

And, of course, most companies have far more to offer
than what their print materials can present.
(Plus, that’s where you can find all the bargains
when prices of the previous seasons’ items are dropped.)

Visit the Northstyle Website.
or get right to requesting your own catalog
from Northstyle by visiting this link!


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