***I am sleeping downstairs because it is too.darn.cold (for me) to sleep upstairs.
That said, I said worn down one side of the couch and am switching ends for tonight.

Warm weather? please?

***I am drinking lots of Green Tea.
I have always wanted to drink green tea.
Because it’s hip. Because I like green. Because sometimes I need a hot decaf beverage.
But alas, I always found the stuff gross, UNTIL.
Celestial Seasonings Green Tea with Anitoxident Supplement
Seriously. It’s tasty. Not that I would know for all the honey I glop into each cup.

I know, I am a bad girl.

**I am discovering that I am as disorganized online as off. I have resisted tagging.
Now I have thousands of untagged photos, posts, etc that I will have to comb through painstakingly to regain any sens of order. ARGH. I spent a couple hours moving flickr photos around and beginning to tag and thematically present some of my photos.

It’s a start.

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