Why do I keep thinking about mermaids?


Yes, I am home.
No, I am not supposed to be.
I desperately want a shower,
but I am freeezing and refuse to leave
the underside of this blanket.

Hopefully I won’t be too lazy and chilly to crawl out and fix food soon.
Because, I am also hungry.

I put lots of new pictures up on Flickr
and am about to do my year in review picture posts
here and on Facebook.
I can’t wait for January, so my new year’s celebrations will henceforth be
celebrated with my birthday.
Clean slate. Tabula Rasa.
Get it? Good.

I must say that the friends who remain,
remain awesome. And I am grateful.

Ugh. Sink is dripping.
Driving me batty.
I’m up. I’m up.


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