where does the time go?


I am pretty sure that I accomplished NOTHING of use today.
Thanks to DVR I did watch ALOT of “House”.

I continue to fall behind on the updating and writing and picture uploading.
Of course, the evil death of the desktop last month did cause some of that delay,
but there is no excuse for not catching up now.

I had the most incredible weekend last week that I had every intention of sharing every detail of . . .
The synopsis:
–I saw 5 shows– 1 NYMF (soooooo proud of my boys and their uber sweet, talented cast)
–4 Broadway (I actually was not disappointed by “13”, as I expected to be, though they do have some more work to do during previews. . .
“In the Heights” really does have a cheesy ass corny old school musical plot structure, but the movement and energy of the show is GENIUS.
The closing notice was announced and I knew I had to see “[title of show]” while I was in town –and the universe agreed.
Even with the tons of people at lottery on Broadway Flea Market day, my name got called first.  SQUEEEE.  There was much laughter and a tear or two.
I broke down after hearing so much about Hunter Parrish as Melchior and saw Spring Awakening.  He is a painfully good actor.  Really.
I kind of didn’t want to love him like I did.
–Bway Flea Market truly is Black Friday for rich gay men and theatre geeks of every other flavor.
–I got needed hugs from lots of old friends and met quite a few new and amazing additions to my stale ass life.
–I saw the President of the Dominican Republic AND Jason Robert Brown in the same day.  lol.

Just remembering made me happy again.

So yea, this week paled by comparison.  But down time is good.  Yay Hermitage.


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