I can’t stop smiling


Not since I glimpsed the clearest view of the city skyline I have ever had.
The weather has been just amazing.
I am new again.
I feel like someone strong put their arm around me and said,
“Here. This way.”
I am less lost.
I discovered I have a few friends left who really love me.
And I have a tribe.

Right now I am in between Saturday shows,
and have just been staring down at 7th Avenue from the Playbill offices.
I saw “13”. I loved it. The score has evolved a lot. I still love the old music.
Some of the new stuff I can’t wait to sit and listen to again. The CD comes out next week.
Sure, the show has its flaws, but the energy is really special and I tried not to have high
expectations and was really surprised by how much I laughed and just plain enjoyed it.
Tonight I am seeing “In The Heights”. Of course, since I heard yesterday that [title of show]
will close October 12th, I am going to have to squeeze that in before I leave tomorrow.


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