they all have babies!!


seriously, everyone i knew from this area.
they have babies now.
not just spouses. and not just one baby.
i’m without a demographic.

but the great news is that i reached winchester and felt the noose loosen.
i love the valley for all the reasons that i hate it.
but mostly i am grateful at the moment to enjoy the lightness it makes me feel.
and to get to feel loved and respected by people from my past–
people who would love to be part of the present
and who i need to include in my future.
keeping in touch is so difficult.

yesterday afternoon it was a gift to spend lunchtime with my second family.
and when you talk about your life in years, it feels like you may have accomplished something after all.
of course, if i think about it too much, that pendulum will swing.

today promises a little bit of magic, too.

anyway, it is difficult to define transition–
i can’t tell if this space is vacation– an island —
or a new world.

end of summer, i guess you are always this way. i am just never prepared.

but yuck.
have i mentioned lately how much i don’t want to teach?
it will be fine. i will funnel that income toward happy-land.


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