While I am feeling remotely good . . .


I should update with more substance and less whine.

And since I am entirely remiss at keeping a paper journal these days,
I need to account for at least some of my days as they fly by.

There really isn’t much to say for recreation this summer–
it’s been mostly work and getting ready for the show,
which doesn’t exactly make me excited for school to start.
But that’s another matter.

I did get to go to the city this week.
It wasn’t quite the effortless escape that I wanted it to be.
Things can’t always go smoothly, but once I was there everything was fine,
of course. Though the entire experience will wear a bit of a scarlet letter.
I’m not going to lie and pretend like my internal subtext didn’t affect my experience.
I guess I must have done something to deserve it. I didn’t want to give it up.
Not going would not have been better– I am glad I got to do all that I did.
And going in any other configuration would have been just as uncomfortable for different reasons, I’m sure. meh.

We left on Tuesday morning in my pre-exhausted state.
The drive was so easy and we went directly into the city.
Parked midtown and took the subway down to the Public Theatre.
Picked up the tickets and killed time in McDonald’s. Then we played the first of many waiting games. Doors opened at 6– we ate the pubs expensive ass food and heard Johnny play.
Walked around Times Square, but tried to get back to Jersey ASAP since we had to be up early.
Set my alarm for 4:15.
We got into Central Park by 6:30am and were about 60 people deep in line to get tickets for Hair. And it was DUMPING rain. Luckily it stopped by around and 8:30 and even luckier that I had a tarp in my car which we eventually laid out and put a blanket on to sit out the rest of the wait. Got a call from a friend who Keith had invited to see the show with us. (It was Josh and I waiting, but we each could get two tickets.) Actually Andrew couldn’t go, but he had a musical director friend who wanted to go along. Anyway, they finally started distributing at ten after 1. Those ten minutes made me sweat a little because we were running down to see Spring Awakening at 2pm. But the line moved fast and we made it down to the theatre by 1:30. And I had to check a huge trash bag at the theatre full of wet fabric. ew.
Saw the SA matinee from stage seats– first time since the almost total cast replacement.
I haven’t completed formulated thoughts and feelings on that yet. They feel younger, a little weaker, maybe more appropriate for the material. It certainly isn’t the same for me. But the music holds up.
Met Keith after and had dinner at Tout va bien. That is never a bad time. I mean, amazing French food. Yes, please. Andrew and Tom (his friend) met us there to say hello. Then Tom headed up to Central Park with us. Hair. It has a lot of personal meaning for me. It is not a great show. But HAIR in Central Park is actually an amazing show. The setting completely masks its flaws. The cast was perfect and the costumes were just beautiful. There was no necessary set, but the lighting design was so right. And after the awful rain, it turned out to be a beautiful evening. Then we said a quick hello to Jonathan and went back to sleep.
Slept in on Thursday. Having to leave the city always makes the last day hard, but the universe was totally messing with me. The parking garage was full, so there was added hassle and expense of parking in a garage near Bryant park. But we got there to see the show. Performances were from Wicked, Spring Awakening, Xanadu, Gypsy and Mary Poppins. It was really good as Broadway in Bryant park does, I think. It was, however, very sunny. Which made my achy allergy head even more uncomfortable. We probably should have just bolted after, but since we had paid to park already, it seemed sensible to eat in the city. Went to Worldwide Park. It was a gorgeous day, so I tried to relax and enjoy. Shopped our way back to the car. I was looking for a cell charger (but they were like WHOA expensive) since my electronics all decided to die on the way. Made our way to the tunnel at the beginning of rush hour. UGH. It was all crazy awful traffic from there. And since there was no more trip to focus on, my brain shifted to home and stressed out. So I had the two worst driving hours of my life. Josh slept, which I guess was just as well. He was too tired to really help distract me and there isn’t much anyone can do about traffic. I just felt miserable after. Stopped in Reading just to get my bearings. Thankfully he drove the rest of the way home, but I was just tired and unconsoled. We did have a nice dinner in Hagerstown at Panera. Dropped him off and drove home.
Now there is painting to be done, but I can’t get my cast members to let me know who can be at rehearsal tonight…So I don’t know whether to have the accompanist or not. hmmm


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