Here come the Jets . . .


Since I am a habitual theatregoer, you would think I would take the time to honor the money I spend and the enjoyment I get from attending. That was partly this journals intent.
And yet. . .
I don’t post. I often am at a loss when it comes to verbalizing my reactions to shows or what they mean to me.
I’ve come closest in the not-so-matter-of-fact ways.
Here . . .
and here . . .
It should be easy to at least do reviews. But I’m pretty lazy and scattered.
I lose ticket stubs in the bottom of overnight bags and slide on piles of old playbills as I get in and out of bed.

But, I am taking time out today to be grateful for the upcoming West Side Story revival.
I have no idea why I am so bloody excited, but I am.
And that only increased when I learned how easy it was going to be for me to see the show in DC at its pre-Broadway tryout. Read about it in Variety!
I am giddy.
I think the show itself is masterful in its place in musical theatre history
and was so astounded by Arthur Laurents direction of the Gyspy revival.
I mean, me, enjoying the classics? what?!


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