just one of my days


They’ve been flying by and I have not written at all. I hate not having the details recorded.

But at least I will have today.
I guess I should begin with 2am yesterday. It was a pretty heinous hour.
I was ending a very long day.
I felt guilty and sad and pretty incapable in a lot of ways.
And then I had terrible nightmares— which is rare for me.
And I woke up, despite not getting to sleep until 4 or so, at 7am.
And I was ashamed of my feelings and angry. Great starts!

But the day went okay.

Tomorrow will be another day. I anticipate it being full, but entirely unsatisfying. Hopeful, aren’t I?

But I love the night sky.
listening to music as catharsis.
reading for distraction AND inspiration.
And ultimately I love people more than I can really endure sanely.

I trust that my true friends, whoever and wherever those people are, really do hold my soul in safety.


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