Lord help me, but I am NEVER at home!


It’s actually getting a tad ridiculous.
Normally in this season I would be having late night adventures,
posting pictures in the day when I am home,
making art, reading, taking naps. . .

I guess this is what full time work and helping with two theatrical productions at once will get you–
with only 1/4 of my “work” in the town where I live. Being 30-45 minutes from home,
I usually just give up and crash elsewhere, especially with gas prices the way they are. UGH.

But at least I get a chance while I am driving to enjoy lots of music.
New weepies=yum.

It’s finals week. Once all the papers are graded, I will only be working 20 hours a week, so I will have half a chance at enjoying my summer. Though I could be wrong . . . office hours might have to change a little . . .

As for the shows, Les Miserables is over. I now just have two more weekends of Full Gallop to finish out.
We are doing a small musical review the weekend after that, and I am sure I will tie myself up somehow even beyond that. I’m not much for slowing down.

I would like to do some visiting this summer, at least one big trip to the city, and a free musical for families in the park. Should be do-able.

Other random music in rotation on my Ipod:


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