catching up and making life ok


A Challenge to Improvement:

That which has been spoiled through neglect can be rejuvenated through effort.

— IChing Hexagram 18: Mountain/Wind

I’m on the run as usual and don’t have the equipment to SHOW you the pain I endured yesterday.
The whole day BIT, first off; just throwing that out there.
But I spent close to four hours getting my hair cut, colored, highlighted (whoa! no) and then recolored.
It’s true. I was a blonde for all of seven minutes.

How do people (*coff*Jordan) do this all the time?
It’s time consuming–
and ouch. My scalp is hurt-y.

I think I stressed myself out to the point of illness before that.
As in, I actually threw up for no reason.
I don’t DO that. Mostly because I hate puking.
It was strange and bizarre.

I was able to relax a little bit last night,
but I still have tons to do before I leave on Thursday
and tonight won’t be very useful since I have a rehearsal.

BUT the good news?
I will get out of my conferences in time for lunch prices at Wasabi.
Hibachi and sushi, here I come!


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