a monthly update?


audition am
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Have I become that lame over here?
To be honest though, I write every day in a paper journal and once a week in a more private online journal, so I’m doing alright.

During Spring Break I accompanied two of my dear ones to a crazy mass audition in NYC.  The picture is them walking toward the door– which we entered almost 2 hours early.  But that’s a story for another day.
Because, despite getting up before light could make it’s way over the horizon and peek between the buildings we were nestled among in the Financial District, it was a beautiful trip– full of travel adventures (read: mistakes) and laughter.

Then last weekend I helped another friend prepare for a big surprise 35th wedding anniversary party for her parents.  That was a very satisfying experience all around.  Her family is wonderful.  Her parents are genuinely GOOD humans and I am totally proud to know them.  I was tapped to take photos.  And I did.  LOTS of them.  Now I need to take some time to upload them, etc.  I would have already, but where has this week gone?!  I didn’t even get my student papers finished.  UGH.

Right now, I am sitting in the Helping Hands office craving something with fresh parmesan cheese.  Though since I am trapped here for awhile I suppose I should be less ambitious with my cravings.  What is available to me: a flat can of soda and a bag of chex mix.  Guess *that’s* what I should be craving.  Damn living in a town with virtually NO delivery options!

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