I had a solid weekend.


I initially almost said “good”, which is not a very meaningful word.
And I don’t know how “good” I feel really,
but I definitely gained something from all the productivity and love
and friendship that surrounded me this weekend.

Even when I didn’t feel a direct part of things, I benefited
from the positive energy.

I’m still working on this mental de-cluttering.
Trying to see things for what they are can be difficult.
(Accepting “what is” is another whole ball of wax!)
One’s own perspective is too powerful a force . . .

On the moment to moment living:
I worked today.
And I forgot just what a royal pain working under a board of directors can be.
Patience. Patience.
I have a read through/rehearsal later.
It will feel good just to be in a performance space–
even if I’m not the one performing. lol.

Now, go home. eat. wash hair. wash car.

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