To finish what I was saying . . .


I feel compelled since I literally abandoned my last post.
I think I left off with Friday and the trip to Virginia.
I took Rachel and Josh with me to see Old Springs Pike
at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia.  The concert was
all kinds of amazing.  Live music relaxes me anyway,
and I so love their music.  They played with Hoots and Hellmouth
who are also insanely talented and fun to bounce around to.
The drive home was long and pretty sleepy.  Luckily Jordan
let me crawl into his house instead of having to drive all the way home.
That turned out to be a pretty good thing, especially since we got up and went
to breakfast at the restaurant.  Oh hello ham and cheese omelet and buttery toast!
I say breakfast, but I am sure it was after-noon.
Lazy afternoon– finally, I showered and dressed.
Jordan accompanied me to mass.  Then he trotted off for his date
and I headed back up to F-burg to grab a quick dinner with Danny.
It had to be fast (like McDonald’s fast) since I was ushering for the show that night.
Blah blah.  This is not very exciting, but like I said . . . must complete the summary.
Ushered.  Watched The Vagina Monologues.  That’s never a bad time.
A desire for actual dinner kept me from the bar scene.
Well actually we ended up eating in a bar after all–
but one with kick ass seafood pasta as opposed to pizza.
I felt bad not being waaaay social.  But yea, I wanted real food and I
do not regret it.  It wasn’t even that expensive for being so incredibly yummy.
It was probably habit that took us to walmart.  Oh and I wanted Dove chocolate
for dessert.
Seriously, this is exhausting.  I really should just write everyday.
Sunday? Sunday.  What the heck did I do?
Oh yea.  NOTHING.  I slept and printed out a crap ton of music.
Then I headed down the road.
Finally, I can say Yesterday.
Yesterday I woke up not terribly late, but could.not.get.motivated.
It was a holiday so we were all off and went to Hagerstown to eat
Boston Market.  Yes, I will travel frequently and enthusiastically
an hour away to eat there. . . Add that to the list of sad facts about my existence.

And we sang.
All that music I printed out?
That was why.
I forget that I need to do things like that.
Spend hours around a piano with no real purpose.

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