Writing. Life. Accumulation.


A state of overwhelm.
A state of underwhelm.

I can’t decide which one I should claim!

I have so wanted to write everyday–
but to do so here, publicly, with my own name attached
is too scary at the moment.

I started this journal when I was mostly happy
and proud of the little moments in life that I loved.
I wanted to document trips to the theatre and the city
and good food and good friends.

Not that I was ever really successful at it– but I had things to share.
I suppose I still do.  But to do so in isolation– without acknowledging
how sour things also feel– makes me feel like I have some kind of split
personality.  lol.

In the meantime, I will lament more privately
and try to post here regularly enough
to remember the good.
This journal can be a bookmark–
a reminder of where I was the last time I felt blessed.


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