let’s see what we can make of all this!


I have a million things running through my mind that I need or want to write about,
mostly because I have been laid up for daaaays with some really serious lung infection.
But anyway, there has been lots of thinking.
And of course, I will forget most everything.
So I’ll try the tried and true list format and see what happens:

—-School started and yet, I haven’t taught.  That is frustrating.  I hate to be behind at the beginning of the semester.
—-Reading and researching to prepare the Ash Wednesday message has been a strangely peaceful experience.

—-This commercial makes me happy.
Mouse: You know what I think?
Squirrel: What?
Mouse: Heaven must be missing a squirrel.
Squirrel: Ha ha ha

Really, just because I have a bizarre fascination with fingerpuppets.  They are code for me.
Fingerpuppets are a symbol I use for wanting solitude.  Years ago I said that when the world sucked I wanted to run into a cabin in the woods and build elaborate sets and costumes for a host of fingerpuppets that I would use in original musicals, pantomimes, and the occasional G&S operetta. So this commercial makes me smile in the *pouts* people suck kinda way.

—-This is what I am reading.  Because I am a geek.

—-And I am coming out of the fog from Gallagher leaving Old Springs Pike. It had to be rough for them.  But hit it boys and Heather. With one days notice they wrote two new songs and rewrote enough arrangements and harmonies to play their gig the next day at Rockwood.  Bravo!

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