How is it that snow can be so energizing?


It’s a little annoying since it usually means I am confined.
Right now the roads are fine, well maintained at least.
But later they will be gross and frozen, so I am trying to be a good girl and stay put.
But I am restless.
And, I think, happy.

I just want to go out and drive around some more.
I want to have coffee,
and eat dinner at a fancy restaurant.
All dressed up.
Even in heels. In six inches of snow.
Then I want to come home and change into comfy clothes.
I would make hot cocoa and beer bread.
I have lots of movies to watch.
I want to watch my 3 favorite movies.
Ones I have seen a dozen times.
And while I am doing that I will make art.
I want to paint. And make collages.
And illustrate fun quotes.

On a day that is begging to be wasted–
where all the kids and teachers after early release from school
are just going home to play on the internet–
I want to make life.

You know what? I could actually do all of those things.
Or some versions of them,
while remaining open to whatever other possibilities arise.
Join me. Or make your own solitary snowy evening plans.
Even if it’s not snowing where you are.
Feed on my energy.
Write a story. Draw a picture. Write a song.
Or be lazy. Seriously. Curl up with a book, but be excited about it.
And aware of what an awesome time you are having.

How fun is it that you can dream– even of small things–
and then make them happen?!



I got dressed up and went to dinner!


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