note to self:


the internet is not an accurate reflection
of your real life or your relationships.

there was a time when i might have wished it was,

but i am trying to remember that it is a place
where people try to force elements
of their fantasy life into their real life.

reveal only what you want seen.
say what you want people to believe.
repeat what you want to believe.
communicate passive aggressively.

i love meeting strangers and making friends online.
i love reading stories, no matter how selective,
that people choose to share.
email and private message are fine.
but public posing?  does it make us feel like celebrities?
uncover hidden voyeuristic impulses?

facebook statuses, myspace blogs, and comments
friends make to other friends are mostly ego trips for someone,
or desperate pleading.
they are, at their most benign, useless
and at times hurtful or malicious.

i haven’t been on the internet very much lately.
i want to update my journals and upload photos.
once school is in session i am sure i will resume
daily visits and participation on myspace and facebook.

but real life, you are what’s real.
and i should remember that.


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