the last bits of 2007


Lord. I took sooo freakin’ many pictures at DisneyWorld that it is unlikely I will get them all uploaded,
much less get a chance to write about the trip.  But I have documentation on my camera and in a paper journal.
Hopefully some of it will make it to the web soon.

nye 12
nye 2
nye 13
nye 6

I wanted to force myself to get that done by not uploading any pics since–
but really all that would succeed in doing is causing me to suffer further from my procrastination and
get more and more behind . . .

So, I broke.  New Year’s happened. And there are just a couple pictures to prove it.
I wasn’t drinking and yet wasn’t very snap happy either.

Happy New Year.  🙂
I’ve been fairly subdued and a little cynical about it all so far . . .
but I am warming up to the idea of a clean slate.
Tabula Rasa.  Now I always think of that term.
(Even though that isn’t it’s usual context.)

So today had it’s weirdness, but ended up okay.
And I, for once, am quite content with okay.
I have to cease being so effort-full.
It really doesn’t help anything.

I am decent at recognizing and acknowledging my blessings,
but when they are cloaked or disguised by pain,
it really does take a certain amount of intention.
I’ve been pained, but am still grateful for all that I have.

“To be grateful for the good things that happen in our lives is easy,
to be grateful for all of our lives…that requires hard spiritual work.”  –Henri Nouwen

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