the year of raw


this year there are no memes or survey or resolutions here.
as for thanks and apologies– i try to hand them out when they are due
and can only pray that they are received and remembered.

in 2007
i just did what i thought was best
every minute
and yet i don’t think people
friends and family
have ever thought
less of me

i felt genuinely judged
for doing too little
for doing too much
for not meeting expectations
for having them

i just need a little credit
for having survived this year
and for having been able to
accomplish and give
to the extent i did

i believe i did some good
and maybe it’s not visible yet
maybe the seeds haven’t bloomed
but when they do–
how often does anyone look at a
majestic tree or
field of flowers
and think of how they were planted
or how many rainstorms nourished them?


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