today is important


It just is, for no explicable reason.
I feel clear headed.
I woke up with a migraine, but it went away.
Madison was baptized.
The service was a good thing all around.
I enjoyed singing and renewing my own
sense of spirituality and religiosity.
The community there was interesting to me–
full of childhood playmates, old family friends,
my grandma’s landlord from Main Street,
long forgiven elementary school arch rivals,
girls from Brownie Troop 619,
teacher colleagues of gram’s . . .
all there in one place, doing what they do every Sunday.
But to me it was a startling mingle of folks.

Did I mention I feel clear– like if I am this way through the
new year it will be a blessing.
And probably a miracle.
But I don’t feel numb,
nor do I feel overly sensitive to the world.
Things just are.

I had my skittish, get-it-all-out moments,
but there were people there at just the right times
to be my sounding board.

And now I am off, in really gross weather, to see Sweeney Todd,
which would have been a safer and more relaxed trip yesterday.
I hate precipitation and I like being a part of coordinating plans
for almost 10 people, even less.
The good thing about going today was I wouldn’t have had to drive . . .
but guess how it turned out.

But I am trusting situations to be as they are meant to be.
Because why should today stop being important now?
I am going to enjoy the freedom from my strange worry-prison.

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