the in-between, could someone please explain . . . , and joseph never spoke


I don’t really have anything to post, but I have three subject/titles.

The first because I have a few minutes in between a couple of the million things I should be doing.
Okay, I don’t have any time yet, but I am making it to stay sane.
I want to literally leave now,
just get in the car and GO.
But it’s not even possible, since there are grades to be done and I still haven’t packed . . .

could someone please explain . . .
I was randomly singing Romance, Romance
and I thought yes, I would like someone, everyone
to explain anything and everything please. yes yes.
The world and it’s population are puzzling.
I could look at it as ‘mystery’ and try to enjoy it from a mystical perspective.
But really, the unexplained is pretty much just a pain in the ass.
Why am I sick?  Why anything, really?

Joseph never spoke,
well, in the Scriptures.
I doubt he said much anyway.
But he got shit done and that’s what matters.
He acted against the law to be faithful and obedient.
I like that.


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