It’s December, ya’ll


How ’bout we call last month a draw and start fresh?

I’m not even about to make a list of the things I want to forget about last month . . .
(See how liberating it is to call it “last month” instead of “this month”.)
Seriously, it was like June-Hell all over.
Death, sickness, disgruntled friends.
And it’s been done. Twice now.

But it’s December.
Today and tonight were good.
I played with children.
Stared at the scribbles on the walls of Cherie’s house while feeding the baby.
Shared a sweet tea with a very sleepy Emma.

And tomorrow, I am getting my hair cut.
And likely putting myself through other unnecessary forms of pain.

I’m kinda all about a new month right now.
Soon, I will leave on a journey.
I mean Disneyworld is automatic happiness, right?

And I am going to get to wake up in my favorite city,
St. Augustine, on Christmas Day and walk on the beach.

It’s not November anymore!
Hell yea.


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