perspective meme–


While I am taking (yet another) break from grading, I give you this:

One week ago —
I was recovering. ill. scared.

One year ago —
I was in between Dancing our Nightmares and holiday madness.
I was suspicious and wondering who I pissed off.  lol.
I had gone to see Producers in Morgantown and couldn’t wait to see
Wonderful Town and RENT the next weekend.
I was eagerly awaiting the release of the Spring Awakening CD.

Two years ago —
I was starting to really freak out about CATS costumes.
Knitting experiments and paint ordering galore.
I was beginning to frequent Denny’s
and making friends.

Five years ago —
I was beginning my first holiday in Bloomington!
I was an event coordinator at Michaels Arts and Crafts
and immersed in retail hell.
I had just quit my job working for the Irish Mafia.
I spent lots of time with Matte and Anzdy!
I was hanging a gallery show at the cooperative gallery that
I was a founding member of.
And I fell in love with the lighted trees downtown.

Ten years ago —
I was having my first holiday in Richmond!
I had just finished a couple weeks of Godspell performances,
and had spent Thanksgiving at Young Adult Conference
promoting our final weekend.
I was a seminary geek.
I watched soap operas late at night on James’ couch
and fell asleep to the light of the star in his attic room.

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