Please. God. Let it rain.


Don Quixote and The Rainmaker, Starbuck.
They charge into fantasy to inspire real confidence.
They blindly and unconditionally believe
without a real prayer as to when they will
ever know the effects of their efforts —
Success is not the goal, just earnest wishing.

But someday
Don Quixote will be able to stop chasing windmills and
Bill Starbuck will bring the rain.

Dulcinea will sing her song back to the one who saw her for what she could be.
Lizzie will embrace her real name, but with the spirit of Melisande in her heart.

Everyone will know that dreams and reality can stand side by side.

Someone who loves you unconditionally can be a miraculous looking glass.
But you have to risk looking into their eyes and to want to believe what they see.

Likewise, to love someone that way takes courage
and the willingness to be perceived a fool.

“Let the rain come.
Let the rain come.
Let the

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