Harvest Home


I definitely love the sentiments of Thanksgiving.
Gratitude is always bittersweet.
You have things others don’t.  Guilt.
Others have things you don’t.  Envy.

I always fall toward guilt.  I have been so blessed.
This year is a little different since I can’t just
assume the standard thanks for good health.
As for friends, I have done my thanks-giving.
It takes more time and effort than you might think
to review a year and isolate moments to be grateful for.
But it’s all you can do, right?
My family decided at the last minute to celebrate.
Our matriarch is gone for the first time,
so we are being gentle.
But harvest time has come and I do have what is necessary
to physically sustain life. Food and shelter.
At work I witness those who do not, and that is
a blessing and burden of its own.

God, grant us all the physical and emotional resources we need
to live,
and if possible, to live fully.
happily, even.


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