At the Pepsi machine


I bummed a dollar for a drink from Kevin and he walked to the front of Dunkle with me to get a soda.
As I was getting my drink and trying to open the door he exclaimed “Oh, the geese are back!”
I continue to go through the door and nearly collide with a student carrying in his Chick fil A.
It was awkward, so I’m pleading, “Come on.”
Kevin repeats, “The geese are back!!!”
By this time I have held the door for the student and I replied to Kevin,
“Come on now.  I don’t need to see no damn geese!”
Keep in mind I am standing in my pink-toed stocking feet
with a nearly exploding Pepsi in my hand and holding open the door with my ass.
The student who had finally passed through as I held the door heard me and BUSTED out laughing.
I sometimes wonder how amusing my relationships would be if they had an audience all the time.

We passed the student again a minute later and he said, “I’m sorry for overhea*stutters*listening to your conversation, but man, that was funny.”

I still don’t know why there are geese, or why that was so exciting to Kevin.
He did ramble on a few moments later about how tame they are and yadayadayada.
What are we, five?

But it was amusing!

Well, apparently the biology department is as obsessed with the geese as Kevin– or at least concerned that we not feed them.  At least, I assume that’s why the email was sent “with high importance.”
Apparently these two Canadian Geese have gotten off track and are a little confused.


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