A Sabbath of sorts


I was absent yesterday.
Well, I didn’t blog.  I was far too present in the real world, that’s for certain.
And “everyday” is a fairly mutable period of time– what is it?  Midnight to midnight? Waking to Sleeping?
In fact, it is strange, but I didn’t get online once all day.

It was a long day.  Sad.
Hopeful, too, I suppose.

I spent all day at the funeral home, funeral, graveside and meal.  All that ritual and grieving crammed into one day has its benefits, but is tiring.

And for some reason I still wanted to go to the college to hear the work they have done on “Pippin” so far.  After that, Italian food and a trip to mom’s to pick up leftover fudge.  Then things got more everyday– sweet tea, singing in my car, Walmart . . . But on top of the rest of the day it took more energy than usual, but was also more relaxing by comparison.

On the whole I am done with all those nifty metaphors we use to denote the beginnings and ends of relationships, the breaking and fixing.  No more ‘burning bridges’ or ‘mending fences’ for me. They are ultimately more attempts to control the uncontrollable. Break out the Buddhism.  I’d like to mindfully watch what will be, be.

But if you want an apt metaphor for the moment—
Just imagine the trite scene in a movie where one person is frantically trying to pack a suitcase while someone else, with about half the effort, continually removes the items as they are packed.


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