“Mama’s gotta let go . . . “


Gypsy. It just gets me.  lol.
How cheesy is that?
I love that damn musical.
I’ve now seen two professional productions inside of six months.
That’s nuts.

I am always surprised how well written the book is– that unlike a lot of musicals of the time– there’s a play inside it.

Rose– Don’t leave, Herbie.  I need you.
Herbie– What for?
Rose– A million things.
Herbie– Just one would be better.

It’s such a full story.
Letting go of dreams. and people. and people you see your dreams in.
Growing up when you are a young adult.
Growing up when you are an older adult.
And when you are busy being ignored– there’s always someone you are ignoring . . .
And the things we do for ourselves disguised as what we do for others . . .

Rose– I guess I did do it for me.
Gypsy– Why, mama?
Rose– Just wanted to be noticed.
Gypsy– Like I wanted you to notice me.  Still do, mama. . .
It’s okay, mama. . .  It’s okay, Rose.

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