if someone asked . . .


what it was that i most want for people–
friends, strangers, whoever–
i would not hesitate to say
for them to be happy, and know they have value.

i am just barely wise enough to know i couldn’t bring to others what i don’t have myself.
and on the whole, i’ve been a very happy person.
and i still am.
and right now, i feel complete in myself.

a) i am sleepy and delirious.
b) i got a new camera to take on an upcoming trip to Disney World.
c) i will see the ocean on christmas day. sand between my toes and all.
d) something else i can’t quite put my finger on, but i am glad for it!

“This is taking chances, this is almost touching, what the beauty is.”
Thank you, The Light in the Piazza.


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