the rain stopped, but now there’s WIND!


And it’s fine with me.
I am running late, so I don’t have much time.
But I have had such great day already— huddling under the covers and reading.
Showering.  My partner in crime for the day has requested “the world of clothes” and “wherever there’s an Olive Garden.”
So that is my mission.
Clothes, italian food, a trip to Sam’s Club (I need more blank CDs. . . ), and Ipod selection and purchase!!
Let’s do it!

AND lord, am I in love.
The “Once” Soundtrack has brought me hope.
I avoided listening because I wanted to hear it first in the context of the film.
But it looks like I will be waiting for the DVD release in December at this point . . .
so as a birthday treat, I gifted myself with this music.
It is perfect and just so special.

Ooooh and I added a couple new icons.  My seasonal one makes me most excited.
I so loved the original designs for the Wicked poster.  But they changed the focus of the show,
so now we have the two witches.  But Elphaba and Fiyero.  le sigh.

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