good-ness . . .


Thankfully most of what I do has its own rewards!

Today was exhausting.
I’m still a little sad, less about not having plans for the weekend,
and moreso because I know that since my weekend plans were originally tied up with the birthday plans,
I will likely not bother to make anything happen.
But I am glad to have Tuesday free.
Honestly with this crap for weather I am glad to not be traveling in it alone.

Oh back to the point. I think I had one.
I have yet to have the energy to describe fully the details of one particular client I am working with–
but it’s a situation that involves some pretty serious domestic issues.
I have never so much wanted to help someone and yet been so aware of having to care for both my
own safety and sanity. But it’s a good balance to strive for and I feel okay about it so far.
It’s tempting to want to be overly involved until there is “resolution.”
But you can’t wait for that . . .
It’s just difficult to know there are frightened children involved.
Today I have done my best. And I am satisfied with that and know that I am helping and that the client is
humbled and grateful for our efforts.

Sometimes I forget that when you hold someone’s hand they are holding yours, too.

I still have fluctuated all day between being disappointed and “surprised by joy” (thanks c.s. lewis, thanks wordsworth) . . .

Tonight I got to just spend some down time with Cherie’.
Her beautiful baby girl is still so far away from us in the NIC unit, but she is being well cared for.
The health issues are one thing, but the emotional struggle is pretty intense as well.
Keep them in your thoughts . . .


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