the undoing


Dismantling this trip is such a pain.
If I don’t have it settled by midnight I’m gonna . . .
Well, there’s not really anything I could do except whine some more. lol.

But it was necessary. I don’t think I mentioned many– or any– of the reasons I’m not going. They include, but are not limited to:

–My very very good friend has been hospitalized for over a week. They finally ended up doing an emergency c-section. Her baby is in a hospital over an hour away and she is still in the hospital here. So I want to be around to help her care for her two toddlers while she recovers and be available to take her to visit the newborn since she won’t be able to drive. She hasn’t even held the baby yet . . .

–My mother’s “second mama” is now terminal. 2007= not a good year.

I just need to be around.

I am about to take the longest hottest shower ever.
Well, when I get home. Right now I am still at work even though I got off an hour ago.


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