okay, life can start kicking ass anytime


not kicking my ass,
but rather return to it’s previous state of utter fabulousness.

Enter birthday suckage.
Seriously, I have had in some cases worse than mediocre birthdays for the last few years . . .
They were awesome as a kid– Masquerade. Halloween plus birthday as a child is MAJOR cool.
In college I had such attentive friends. My freshman year (though the two months prior had been hell) some friends surprised me and basically saved my college career by making my birthday just beautiful. Even when I was missing friends (like when heimdall was in England. without me, dammit) I had amazing responses which I am still grateful for. I got cards with *actual* words written in them. Of course not that long ago vitreous_fish and I knew how to celebrate. Dia de los muertos, baby! A birthday bash and sugar skulls all in the same week! Forget NYC, maybe I should have ventured out to Indiana.
Getting older sucks. Not the age, but FUN is just no longer a priority for people I guess.

So, I make birthday good.
(Right after I undo all the goodness I originally created. bah humbug)
No relying on anyone else.


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