heading out!


We are about to head out for kiaroskuro to perform, so this will be quick.

Um, I dropped 50 bucks at the world market on pentagon row in less than ten minutes.
no lie. god forbid i ever spend longer than that there. . .

Good things all around–
— afternoon in Union station
— yellow curry at the Thai restaurant last night! mmmmmm. good craving, kiaroskuro.
— watching ‘little miss sunshine’ is aways excellent. Dwayne is one of my favorite characters in all of movie history!
— I camped out and read myself to sleep.
— wheat free waffles. Seriously, it’s surprising that a dietary resriction could lead to such a yummy discovery.
The Bridge If you can handle it, watch it. It’s a documentary I had been wanting to see about jumpers from the Golden Gate throughout 2004.
— Target (stripey socks), Barnes and Noble (camera mag)
— chips and salsa. chimichanga. again. mmmmmm.
— and the world market- where I acquired: SNAP PEA CRISPS. I can never rave enough. A big tin of heimdall ‘s favorite ginger snaps. I’m hooked. Japanese wafer cookies. a multicolored necklace and green dangle-y earrings. oh, and yuppy water. 😉

So many of my favorite things in such a short span of time!


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