overdue visiting


I actually have quite a lot of overdue visiting to do . . .
but today I realized I hadn’t seen Sam or Miss Emma in weeeeeeeks.  So on the way home I called and said “I’m coming over.”

Emma tried to comb my hair while I ate, which mostly resulted in one giant hair pull.  It’s hard to eat facing the ceiling.

She showed me some craziness she does on the swing set.  We both got bug bites.  Then she insisted I see her room, as she does *every* time I am there as if I have *never* been there before.  All she will tell me is “It’s pink!”  She then coerces one of her parents to pull out this electronic scrolling aquarium . . .

That’s what we are lit by in this photo.  I am pouting because she was itching and scratching the bug bite that you can make out as redness on her right arm.
After that her mom did my nails while we watched Narnia and she went back outside to harass the neighbor’s new kitten.  When my toes and fingers were dry, I came home.



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