where i begin holding myself somewhat accountable


Granted the list I made last week was full of FUN things, but I would just like to see how I did at figuring those random things into my weekend . . .

— I did go to Hagerstown on Friday and two of us ate dinner for 3 at Boston Market.  You do the math . . . it was ALOT of food.  And wandering around the bookstore wasn’t on the list but it was nice.  I sat on the floor and read Spring Awakening– the newest translation of the original Wedenkind play.
— I did not managed to get dressed up for Saturday night, but I wasn’t “not dressed up” as Josh pointed out.  So I guess I didn’t feel as scummy as usual.  I did have on a skirt, but with a tshirt and rope sandals, it was hardly eveningwear. lol
— I had to scratch Appalachian Fest.  I didn’t have anyone to go along and I just didn’t feel up for doing it alone.  But I listened to lots of good music on my own instead.
— I didn’t go into the office, but I am not feeling bad about that!
— The Neil Berg concert was definitely worthwhile!
— I did not get to do anything specific for my mom, but she came into the office Friday and spent the day with me.  And I got to spend time with mom and dad tonight.  I’m not sure what I have done to help anyone else, but *I* certainly felt blessed by the phone call I mentioned earlier.  I also gathered some food for a client that I am trying to give a little extra help to.  I made cheese fries for Thursday dinner with rachelne and sent cookies with her to rehearsal.
— No real art made.  meh.  But I’ve been lugging around a bag of markers and my paper journal.  And I dug out some old collage notebooks, so I am getting prepared!
— I have read.  I am reading a book on healing from abuse and one on church denominations.  I also reread some of my favorite passages in a psychology text. And I made a couple of amazon purchases.
— I was outside.  Friday night we stopped at Rocky Gap.  BRIGHT moon.  Tons of visible stars.  And I saw two shooting stars.  It was cool that night.  And I have been watching the moon change as I drive home at night.  And it was nice out Saturday night at Canal Place.
— no photos 😦
— I have slept well.  And been dreaming, too.
— I went to mass on Saturday. and prayed. alot. all weekend.

The only thing I wished I’d done was CREATE something.
But there were a few surprises that I am grateful to have had.  And if that was the trade-off…

so be it. amen.


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